Dancer & Dasher Founder Alana portrait image wearing a sequenced Christmas bow and Christmas Tree glasses text overlayed on top displaying "Here I am"

Christmas tree stylist ∙ Noel nut ∙ Festive enthusiast ∙ Yuletide collector ∙ Grinch-mas lover...


Some know me as Alana but in my other life, I'm a mum of two and married to a co-lover of Christmas (pudding🤣 ) husband.

I have always worked as a creative, starting a degree in visual communication and finishing off as a hairdresser.⁣ I enjoy styling Christmas as much as I love beautifying my clients.

I have always had a passion for Christmas (especially Christmas trees) so I decided to create Dancer and Dasher. I wanted to express and share with my followers my excitement and obsession with all things Christmas and the importance of creating that magical ambience during the most festive time of the year.

Your tree will be custom designed to fulfil your Christmas dreams

... That's a reindeer promise.

I will be popping up on your feed showcasing some of the beautiful Christmas pieces that will be featured this year, along with inspo and don’t forget those tips and tricks on how to create that perfect piece of pine ⁣AND last but not least, I can’t wait to share an exciting concept I am working on... Stay tuned for the reveal! 

Every family has that one person who has an obsession with Christmas, it is ever-growing and they manage to rope you in on all the Christmas cheer as soon as Michael Buble can be heard on repeat throughout their local shopping centre.

That is me! I'm that relative and friend who instantly pops into your head when you see a candy cane.

Gingerbread Christmas Decoration, Dancer & Dasher ornament, Polaroid of Tree installation on a Dancer & Dasher postcard with text "To you, with love Alana"

what ignited my desire to create magical Christmas spaces?

My love of all things Christmas

"I truly believe the importance of bringing that festive ambiance into your home during this special holiday season."

~ Alana