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O Holy Night

Celebrate the serene beauty of Christmas with our "O Holy Night" bundle. Comprising 107 meticulously chosen ornaments, this collection harmonizes the golden echoes of carols with the gentle shimmer of stars and bells. Let every piece narrate a snippet of the holy night's tale, bringing the essence of Christmas into your abode.

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What's included:
107 pieces
1 x Music sheet ribbon
2 x 15” star
1 x 10” star
3 x 8 point star
6 x Music star pick
8 x Pearl pick
3 x Gold magnolias
3 x Jumbo gold bells
2 x Silent Night ornament
3 x Gold magnolia leaf pick
6 x Silver gold leaf pick
3 x Gold jewel ornament
5 x Gold cross ornament
3 x Bethlehem star ornament
2 x Mercury finial
3 x White gold finial
6 x Starburst bauble
3 x Gold bead drop bauble
5 x White gold large ball pick
6 x Pewter berry pick
5 x Gold ribbed drop ornament
6 x Honeycomb large bauble
3 x Music note bauble
2 x Holy family ornament
3 x Mercury church
4 x Ball garland
3 x Wise men ornament
3 x Gold crown ornament
1 x Gold crown
4 x Gold angel ornaments
1 x set/3 natural nativity set

📦 Sydney pick-up only.

✨ No exchange or refund for change of mind. 

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